Archaeology Park Cârlomănești

The Cultural Association Arkadia, in collaboration with the Buzău County Museum, aims to realize an archaeological park, similar to the museum of the prehistoric village. This will be organized according to each of the ages: Neolithic, Bronze Age and Iron Age, and it will encompass different types of constructions, objects and activities, specific to each one of them. Practically, the Archaeological Park Cârlomănești will have three types of settlements, where we are going to present as many details possible and specific aspects to each age.

The project’s story begins in the summer of 2013, when Buzău County Museum acquired a terrain with a surface of five thousand square meters, situated at the basis of the archaeological site Cârlomănești, with the aim of harnessing this spot by transforming it into an open air museum.

In the spring of 2014, the Cultural Association Arkadia has partnered with Buzău County Museum which commits to support this project, both through active involvement (two of the association’s members have specialized studies), and through financial support. The project’s first stage unfolded in the summer and autumn of 2014, when the first settlement of the forthcoming museum ensemble was built. The results of this first phase have been presented to the public during the event Cârlomănești Park – an incursion into the past. The next stage will happen during almost the entire year of 2015, when several related activities are planned: the construction of a hut corresponding to the Iron Age; the reconstruction of some elements characteristic to the prehistoric settlements (oven to burn ceramics, household oven, loom); the reproduction of some artefacts (pottery, statuettes, whorls <fusaiole>, metal parts); organizing dedicated workshops for students.

    • Harnessing the archeological information obtained during the archaeological research campaigns;
    • Organizing temporary exhibitions meant to present to the public the archaeological patrimony that is not to be found in the permanent exhibitions;
    • Increasing the visitors number of Buzău County Museum;

    • Testing some hypothesis and interpretations published in the literature, by bringing concrete arguments and real examples related to construction techniques and activities taking place in that period;
    • Publishing the obtained results in specialized magazines;
    • Organizing specialized conferences having as theme the experimental archaeology;

    • Promoting the Cârlomănești village, by adding it to the national and international tourist circuit;
    • Creating jobs (permanent/seasonal) for the community members;

    • Organizarea unor workshop-uri și laboratoare de arheologie, în care persoanele de toate vârstele vor putea învăța să lucreze cu lutul, să macine grânele, să aprindă focul, să tragă cu arcul, să construiască instrumente muzicale, să utilizeze războiul de țesut, să prelucreze metalul, să gătească, să ajute la ridicarea unor construcții, așa cum o făceau membrii unei comunități preistorice;
    • Organizarea unui laborator de arheologie care să simuleze condițiile unei cercetări sistematice, arătând astfel pașii pe care un arheolog îi urmează atunci când descoperă un obiect ;
    • Organizarea unor stagii de practică pentru studenții facultăților de istorie din România;
    • Organizarea unor colaborări, schimburi de experiență și stagii de practică cu studenți și profesori ai facultăților de arheologie din Europa.

The chosen settlement for reconstruction is a representative one for the domestic architecture of the second Iron Age. This brings a closer image to the domestic space reality of the age. It is an unicameral house, of small dimensions, having a footprint of 4x3m, with an unprocessed timber structure, with walls of bounded clay, on braided twigs and roof covered with reed.

The remains of such a house have been researched during the archaeological campaigns undertaken on the archaeological site Târcov (Buzău County).


On 27th of September 2014, the Cultural Association Arkadia, along with Buzău County Museum, have organized the event Open Days at Archaeological Park Cârlomănești.

This event facilitated the communication between archaeologists and public, promoting techniques and methods specific to this science through suggestive imagery, field activities and presentations held by the members of the research team. In order to make more accessible the understanding of the way of work on an archaeological site, workshops, exhibitions and presentations were held for students from the National College “Mihai Eminescu” of Buzău, General School nr. 7 of Buzău and from Verneşti School, and also for other visitors.

The workshop Archaeologist for one day has challenged students to the carrying out of an excavation according to archeological technics and methods, they had to process the gathered materials and issue conclusions regarding the way of life from the past. The public was presented with the details of the archaeological site from Cârlomănești, the research manners and the conclusions drawn by the archaeologists from the current state of the investigations, old excavations exemplified through the photography exhibition, and also through the display of some recently discovered patrimony objects. With this occasion, there was also presented the recently finalized Dacian house.