Encounters with Romanian Shorts


The Cage - Colivia

Colivia (The Cage)

dir. Adrian Sitaru, 2010, 17 min

Alex comes home with an injured dove and wants to keep it. His father refuses to accept the dove and conflicts begin to grow between them. Who will convince the other?

The Photograph - Fotografia

Fotografia (The Photograph)

dir. Victor Dragomir, 2010, 17 min

On his way to a business meeting, Claudiu drops by his old man’s house to snap a photograph his father kept bugging him for. What initially seemed like an easy job proves quite difficult, as the picture is of particular significance to the old man.

Superman, Spiderman sau Batman

Superman, Spiderman sau Batman (Superman, Spiderman or Batman)

dir. Tudor Giurgiu, 2011, 11 min

Aron, a 5-year-old boy, together with his worried father, sets out on a journey at the end of which he wishes, like the superheroes in the comic books, to save his mother who is suffering from a heart condition.

Trece si prin perete - It can pass through the wall

Trece si prin perete (It Can Pass Through the Wall)

dir. Radu Jude, 2014, 17 min

I am frightened, Grandpa!… Do you hear? […] The people in the house are crying, he said. They miss the one who died, that’s why they are crying. In the Coach House by A.P. Checkhov



dir. Paul Negoescu, 2010, 15 min

Mircea has a 15-year-old daughter whose boyfriend is invited to dine with the family. He arrives earlier and they go to her bedroom. While watching TV, Mircea can hear his daughter moaning from her room. The dinner starts and Mircea finds out that the boyfriend supports a different football team.

15 July

15 Iulie (15 July)

dir. Cristi Iftime, 2011, 12 min

An afternoon in the family. The father is fixing the bathroom, the grandmother is watching TV, the son in law wants to leave and the daughter is caught in the middle.


Santul (The Ditch)

dir. Adrian Silisteanu, 2012, 19 min

On a hot summer day, Vasile, a 50-something year old peasant, refuses to accompany his wife Lucretia to a religious ceremony and finds a good excuse: he has to finish the ditch in front of their house to avoid paying a fine. Scared by the hard work ahead of him, he tries desperately to find somebody to help him. Petre, a Gypsy young man seems to be the right person. But after changing a few words with him, Vasile notices that Petre is very upset because none of the villagers wants to be the Godfather for his kid. Really impressed, Vasile decides to baptise the child himself asking Petre in exchange to help him finish the ditch. In the evening, Lucretia learns about Vasile’s decision and a new ordinary domestic fight starts between them.

In the Fishbowl - In acvariu

In acvariu (In the Fishbowl)

dir. Tudor Cristian Jurgiu, 2013, 20 min

George and Christina are trying very hard to break up but they just don’t seem to succeed.



Why life beats fiction?
with Adrian Sitaru, director
In real life we don’t have the chance of a second take. In real life we make plans (create scripts) every day but we can’t follow them. In real life we improvise second by second, without thinking it’s an improvisation. That’s why life still beats the film?

Adrian Titieni

Acting art in the minimalist cinema
with Adrian Titieni, actor
An attempt to define key terms in the specific language of acting, deciphering meanings and connotations, in order to find positioning methods and approaches during research and rehearsals.

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